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Key Points Regarding Kirstin Lobato's Las Vegas Wrongful Conviction

The Justice4Kirstin Team

Kirstin Blaise Lobato was not in Las Vegas when Duran Bailey was murdered. She was at her parents' house 170 miles away in Panaca. Kirstin never "confessed" to the murder of Duran Bailey or anyone else.

Male DNA not belonging to the victim, fingerprints and footprints found at the crime scene, if tested with modern DNA methods, would exonerate Kirstin.

District Attorney Wolfson will not allow the 13 pieces of DNA to be tested, even though the Innocence Project has offered to pay for these tests. The Innocence Project's efforts have exonerated 292 innocent people.

Steve Owens, chief deputy district attorney from the District Attorney's office says,

"There has to be a reasonable possibility that it could exonerate her. We listen to the courts, not to public opinion that's uninformed."

Update: The DA, DNA and the Kirstin Lobato murder case by Amy Kingsley, Las Vegas City Life, July 6, 2012

The testing of the DNA evidence would *absolutely* exonerate Kirstin Blaise Lobato.

"They're too far in," he (Kirstin's Dad, Lorenzo Lobato) said of prosecutors.

"Why would you not release DNA to be tested when it could prevent this innocent person from spending her life in jail? I want the new district attorney to know that this injustice is happening on his watch."

Update: The DA, DNA and the Kirstin Lobato murder case by Amy Kingsley, Las Vegas City Life, July 6, 2012

Detective Thomas Thowsen of the LVPD began the interrogation process by asking her about "when she defended herself in Las Vegas."

She answered, believing he was asking her about what had happened to her on Boulder Highway at the Budget Suites Memorial Day weekend during an attempted rape perpetrated by a different man.

Without any DNA evidence connecting her to the scene of the crime, Kirstin was convicted of a separate murder that took place in July across the street from The Palms casino in the parking lot of a bank. She was convicted of the murder of a man she had never met.

The police did not pursue leads stemming from Diann Parker, the ex-girlfriend of Duran Bailey. Mr. Bailey had raped and brutally beaten Ms. Parker the week before he was murdered and she had gone to police.

His wounds matched the images of Ms. Parker's almost exactly - same physical locations and same style of attack. Ms. Parker appeared at the scene of the murder when crime scene investigators were present, telling the investigators she might know the victim.

When the LVPD arrived to question Diann the day after the murder, she mentioned she had a pair of bloody pants and a bloody shirt, but that she had "already washed it" and that it was "her blood."

While under oath, Detective Thomas Thowsen denied ever speaking with Kirstin's father, Lorenzo Lobato, on the phone.

When Kirstin's Dad found out the July date of the murder she had been indicted for, he immediately called Detective Thowsen to inform him that he had the wrong suspect - Lorenzo's daughter Kirstin had been home the whole month and was sleeping on the couch at their house in Panaca when the murder occurred in Las Vegas.

Multiple witnesses attempted to testify during her trial that in July she was at her parent's house in Panaca almost 200 miles away and since her trial other alibi witnesses have corroborated that fact.

Landline phone records show Kirstin's lengthy calls that night from the house to her boyfriend Doug.

In Kirstin's description of her attacker she said he was a large man, over 6 ft tall.  She stated he was much taller than she was (she was 5'7 and wore high heeled shoes), and that he was a heavy man, over 200 lbs. Duran Bailey was 5' 10" tall and weighed 133 lbs.